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Corporate Governance


The Kazgeologiya Corporate Governance system is developed with regard to approaches and standards set forth in the corporate governance diagnosis methods of Samruk-Kazyna, methods of agency Standard & Poor's, in the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and the UK Combined Code.

Kazgeologiya undertakes to develop corporate governance in accordance with the principles providing:

- real opportunity of the Sole shareholder to exercise his rights;

- implementing by the Board of Directors of the strategic management of Kazgeologiya and its effective control of the Kazgeologiya executive bodies’ activity as well as accountability of the Board of Directors to the Sole shareholder;

- necessity for the executive bodies of Kazgeologiya to perform operating control reasonably and conscientiously, their accountability to the Board of Directors and  the Sole shareholder;

- timely disclosure of information about the company, including its financial position, economical performance, ownership and management structure;

- effective financial and economic control;

- statutory employee rights, the development of partnership between Kazgeologiya and employees in solving social issues and regulating employment terms;

- dynamic cooperation of the Company with investors, creditors and other interested persons in order to increase the assets of Kazgeologiya.