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Scientific researches


The main objectives of the Company’s research activity are:

1. Arrangement and implementation of the basic and applied research studies aimed at obtaining new knowledge in the field of subsurface geological structure, promoting technological, economic and social development of methods for their study and use.

2. Development of scientific bases and organizational activities, processes and technical and engineering aids for management of work quality and obtained geological information on subsoil.

3. Analysis and improvement of methods of analysis of state of geological exploration for the purpose of reliable geological reasoning of new effective prospecting.

4.Development of theoretical frameworks and technologies, standards and technical means for collecting, storing, processing, and use of geological information on subsoil.

5. Editorial-and-publishing activity contributing the promotion of geological knowledge and raising of qualification of specialists in the field of geological study of subsurface.

6. Providing scientific advice to the structural subdivisions of the company and geological enterprises and organizations.