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Geophysical Survey


Since the IV quarter of 2012 “National Company “Kazgeologiya” JSC carries out advance field geophysical works and geophysical study in well at 6 sites specified in the the budget program 040 - “Regional, geological survey, prospecting and evaluation and prospecting and exploration works”:

1. Comprehensive detailed geophysical works are conducted at the sites associated with the geological minerogenic mapping of the areas (Baikonurskaya area, Kendyktasskiy ore district) by the methods of magnetic, electrical prospecting, aimed at zoning the studied areas by geophysical characteristics and selection of areas prospecting to search for specific mining.

2. High-precision complex geophysical work have been carried out at the sites associated with prospecting and evaluation of gold and copper ore (Seletinskiy, Kaskyrkazgan, Katutauskiy site), according to the results of which locations of exploratory wells have been defined. In drilled wells the work has been conducted using production well logging allowed us to determine the presence of mineralization of impregnated structure in the studied sections.

3. High-precision gravity survey has been conducted at Zahatsor site prospecting to search for hydrocarbons. Implementation of 2D-seismic survey has been started. Location of structural and parametric wells up to 3 km will be defined according to the results of post-processing of field data and integrated interpretation of geophysical data.

In May 2013 field geophysical work were started on Western Sayak titanomagnetite deposit in Karaganda region for NSC “Tau-Ken Samruk” JSC. The complex includes a detailed gravity, magnetic measurements and lithochemical survey.

Location of exploratory wells and mines will be adjusted according to the results of prospecting.

Given the scope of geophysical field work for their operational and quality performance, “National Company “Kazgeologiya” JSC uses its own recourses but also attracts subcontracted third-party private service companies specialized in carrying out exploration in the Republic of Kazakhstan (NPC “Geoken” LLP, “Azimuth Geology” LLP, GRK “Iskander” LLP, “Geolog A” LLP, “Kazakh Geophysical Company” LLP).

Field data collection is carried out using modern digital equipment, which produce highly accurate geophysical data:

1. CG-5gravimeters, manufactured by SCINTREX Canadian Company; 2. MINIMAG proton magnetometers, MM-61M, produced in Russia;

2. Electrical prospecting equipment EIN-209M for overvoltage method, produced in Almaty;

3. Electrical prospecting equipment Cycle-7 for inductive methods, produced in Russia;

4. Seismic equipment in the vibrators Nomad 65 and telemetry system for seismic data collection of 428UL produced by the French company Sersel;

5. Logging equipment produced in Russia on the basis of log recorders Vulcan V3 and Hector.