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Drilling Operations


The main requirement of the Geological Survey to exploration drilling is a selection of proper conditioned core and high precision of ore intersection according to the projected exploration network.

In addition to obtaining high-quality geological information used technical and technological means must provide effective management of technical and economic problems - high performance of hole making while minimizing the cost of drilling.

Comprehensive solution of geological and technical tasks in case of exploration drilling of rock of medium and high hardness is achieved with great effect with the use of double-triple coring equipment with retrievable core receiver (RCR) typical size PQ (114 mm), HQ (96 mm), NQ (75 7 mm).

In Kazakhstan, about half of the exploration wells drilled with the help of CCK-NQ complex. For core recovery with a variety of core retrieving barrels in extremely difficult geological conditions the finished diameter HQ or PQ can be adopted.

Exploration wells planned for 2012-2013 have been drilled during 2012 “Kazgeologiya” JSC together with the mining company at the fields Adaevskoe, Kopotkinskoe, Eltaevskoe according to the project of iron ore evaluation.

These works were carried out using diamond core drilling (dual core barrel) NQ drilling rigs LF-90C, the average core recovery for host rocks was 90%, and at the ore zone was 95%. The percent of this core recovery easily meets the requirements of Geological Survey.

The state budget program 040 “Regional, geological survey, prospecting and evaluation and prospecting and exploration works” in the field of public geological survey provides drilling on “Seletinskoe” field, a part of work has been already completed in 2012, the second part of the work on this project is in the progress.