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company "Kazgeology"

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Mission of Kazgeologiya is fulfillment of the National strategic tasks on the development of mineral resources, human resources, industrial, technical and scientific potential of the geology sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan to meet the economic needs of the state in the long term.

Perspective of Kazgeologiya to 2022 is a National Exploration Company possessing core competencies, advanced technology in the field of geological study and carrying out exploration works of high quality in the interests of Kazakhstan:

1. Kazgeologiya is the key component of an effective state system of subsurface geological study and mineral resources recovery.

2. Kazgeologiya is a center of technology, research and professional competencies in geology.

Kazgeologiya shall be guided by the following values in its activity:

- The priority of the state interests in the field of mineral resources development: launching and implementing of the state initiatives on exploration of priority mineral resources;

- Technological effectiveness and innovativeness: introduction of high technology and innovations;

- Focus on results: provision of quality services, that maximally meet the requirements of state and subsoil users;

- Exploiting of potential opportunities: search for synergy with other market participants, and continuous search for prospects for further development;

- Transparency and accountability: the proper disclosure of relevant information to parties in interest, a clear system of monitoring and accountability;

- Corporate social responsibility: labor safety, creation of jobs, environment protection and intercommunication with society.