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The personnel policy


The core value is the Company employees.

“Kazgeologiya” JSC (hereinafter- the Company) main development lines in the area of  human resource management, values and principles, as well as the baseline data of the personnel policy effectiveness are defined in the Personnel policy of  “Kazgeologiya” JSC for 2012-2015  (hereinafter –the Personnel policy) .

The aim of the Personnel policy:

the formation of professional and effective personnel, effective human resources management and development  to provide the achievement of the Company strategic aims and tasks.

The Personnel policy main lines:

  • personnel planning and administration;
  • personnel training and development;
  • creation and development of effective  candidate pool;
  • motivation and effectiveness improvement system implementation;
  • effectiveness managing, employees motivation;
  • corporate culture principles implementation;
  • employees engagement elevation.

The Personnel policy values are the employees' professional skills, their labor productivity, mutual supportiveness, mutual respect and trust, determination to collaborate and  to work in a team.

The Personnel policy core principles:

  • long-term relations;
  • employees qualifications correspondence to the job requirements;
  • Company and employees aims correlation;
  • knowledge and experience succession, focus on the employees development and training;
  • reward and promotion according to the merits and the activity results obtained.

For the purposes on motivations the employees are given the employment benefits aimed at the employees’ health-care and housing improvements.

This branch of the Personnel policy provides the fulfillment of the following tasks:

  • employees compensation system development and perfection;
  • rewarding system development and perfection (bonuses and rewards) connected with the employees’ activity results;
  • employees’ activity estimation procedures development and implementation;
  • development and approval of the managing and administrative personnel activity effectiveness key indicators;
  • implementation of the performance targets execution control and monitoring, implementation of the employees activity efficiency evaluation system;
  • social support system development/perfection;
  • securing by warrant and compensatory payments  in accordance with the  labor legislation.

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